• Sacred Mullet Art Show

    Sacred Mullets is an on location and online Art Show “4-20 is Coming.”  

    In Celebration of the convergence of two High days, Rachael Shores is releasing 10 new Sacred Mullets from her series of Sacred Mullet watercolor illustrations.  Mullets are featured on iconic figures, classical art, Biblical puns, pop culture figures, and now with new counter culture references.

    Live Opening April 1st:  Asheville Growler- 660 Merrimon Ave., Asheville, NC

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Mullets for Malawi

  • The Malawi Surgical Initiative brings together professionals from UNC and other institutions to provide training for the KCH General Surgery Residency Program and conduct research of surgical diseases.

  • A tithe (10%) of mullet art sales will be offered to charity

  • I’ll get a mullet on 420 if I can raise $2000 voting for “Rock It” by April 19th. You may choose to donate for me to either Rock the Mullet or to Keep My Hair by following one of the two links below.

The Sacred Mullet Saga

Wonder how Sacred Mullets came about?

Read on to find out!